SEO Proposal

Listed below are a few of the very important strategies that we incorporate –

Keyword Ranking

Definitely one of the most important and also the most confusing metric, keyword ranking should be on your scorecard. While you may do it manually, there are still a number of tools that might be useful when calculating the keyword rankings for your website’s important keywords.

Basic Conversion Tracking

We ensure to identify multiple conversion types, including sales, leads, subscriptions, downloads, event sign-ups, etc

Organic Search Traffic

There are the four different things that we include under the category of Organic Search Traffic-

  • Overall Organic Traffic Growth- Keep the spotlight on year-over-year comparisons.
  • Growth of Traffic for Targeted Keywords- This is a double verification against rankings. Look at month-over-month and year-over-year increase in traffic for detailed target keywords.
  • Percentage of Overall Traffic Coming From Organic- Track the inclination but be cautious of peaks and valleys based on key advertising campaigns such as email marketing blasts (which will obviously lower the percentage of traffic generated by an organic search for that time period).
  • Progress with Specific Engines- It may be a Google-centric search world, but also track development with Yahoo/Bing and others that may be significant to your business.

Keyword Diversity

Scrutinize how many keywords are dynamically performing each month, and track the improvement. It’s helpful to be able to report something like “in the first few months we received traffic from about 20 keywords, and now it’s a couple of thousand different keywords generating the traffic (yes, this is the long-tail). We do exactly the same for you because we know just how important your business is.

Referrals from Links and Website Properties

Link building and content production are not just about improvising keyword rankings/keyword traffic. The links and websites you develop to sustain that effort and bring traffic to the site. Take credit for that traffic, and for any conversions produced through those referrals. We include this strategy in our list of SEO strategies because we know the positive impact that it has on businesses.

Visitor Engagement

One extremely simple way to calculate visitor engagement on your website is by keeping an eye on these four factors-

  • Organic Bounce Rates
  • Repeat Visitors
  • Page views Per Visit
  • Time Spent On-Site

Inbound Link Count

There will be a number of links pointing at your website, but not all links that point at you are due to your SEO efforts. In addition, reporting on the quantity of links can seem silly to the seasoned SEO, who comprehends that it’s about quality, trust, anchor text, relevancy, etc. We do the thing that’s most essential for you!

Increase in Branded Searches

It’s easier to attribute some of the branded searches to SEO when there is less emphasis at the company on mass media and extensive PR. Our experienced SEO experts increase the number of branded searches for your website, thus promising traffic enhancement.

Pages Indexed

As you continue increasing the crawl ability of the website by adding new content on it, it becomes imperative to check the number of pages that are getting indexed. This is the metric that is especially important for companies with product catalogs or large quantities of technical documentation that has somehow remained previously inaccessible to search engines.

Crawls Frequency

One of the many interesting strategies that we follow for undaunted SEO results includes the measurement of crawl frequency. This is indeed one of the best ways to measure the success of adding fresh content sources to the website. It’s like keeping the search engines coming back more frequently and getting more pages indexed more quickly. The idea is to update new and improved content in the form of news, blog posts, etc. into Google’s algorithms.

Here are the initial few steps that we follow before heading with basic SEO techniques-

Local SEO refers to the process of ‘optimizing’ your online presence to attract more business from relevant local searches. These searches take place on Google and other search engines.


That last point is an important one—this isn’t just about Google.

Step 1 - Website Analysis and Competitor Research

We analyze your website, checking it from design to content and URL. This is an important or rather the primary step of the entire process of SEO because this is what determines the sequence of other steps that are supposed to be followed. The concept of doing competitor research is because we want you to understand what your competitor has achieved so far and the strategies that they might have followed for the same. With a report focusing on Website Analysis and Competitor Research, we endeavor to create a set of techniques for you with the goal to improve your Google Page Rank.

Step 2 - Keyword Research

Following the website analysis and competitor research, keyword analysis is the next important step and this is an important part of SEO because this is exactly what determines the keywords that represent your business. Our SEO team will ensure we find the best keywords for you, certainly the ones that have a higher search rate as well as the ones that are ranking well for your competitor. After the entire process of Keyword Research, we will provide you a list of keywords that we will be targeting in our on-page and off-page SEO techniques.

On Page Steps

Title Tag Creation

A title tag is defined as an HTML element that’s critical to both SEO as well as user experience; it accurately describes the topic and the theme of the content displayed on your website’s page. A perfect title has a character limit between 50 to 60 characters, 55 chars being termed as the perfect. We will ensure that the title tag for each page of your website is in coherence with its content so that everything falls perfectly in place for an improved ranking of your website.

  1. Meta Keywords Once we’re done with creating the title tags for each page of the website, we head towards Meta keywords creation. Since each page has unique content, focusing on different services or products, the Meta keywords for each page have to be unique. Our team of expert and experienced SEO professionals ensure that they read the content prior to picking up any Meta Keyword and choose whose keyword density is perfect according to the content on the page. As accepted by Google, the keyword density of a keyword on a page should be 2%
  2. Meta Description Following the creation of Meta Keywords, Meta description is 160 char informative content that is created in accordance with the Meta keywords. The point worth taking note of is that we ensure that we deploy our best people to create Meta descriptions for you, and we also promise that we will make sure they’re all written in an organic way so that your website gets its maximum benefits.
  3. URL Structure We will analyze and review the entire URL available on your website and the motive behind doing this is to ensure that the URL has the perfect structure. If we find any alphanumeric characters in the URL we’ll make an effort to change them and give them a structure that is easy to read by the viewers.
  4. Internal Linking An internal link is a type of hyperlink on a webpage to another page or resource, such as an image or document, on the same website or domain. Hyperlinks are considered either “external” or “internal” depending on their target or destination.
  5. Image Optimization Since search engine crawlers cannot see images, they rely on alternative text attributes to determine relevance to a search query.  So we will add alt text and try to minimize the number of alt text characters to 150 or less to optimize page load times.
  6. URL Redirection Redirection is the process of forwarding one URL to a different URL.   So will take care that each and every URL redirect gives a positive response to the user.
  7. Canonical Issue we will test your site for potential URL canonicalization issues. Canonicalization describes how a site can use slightly different URLs for the same page. So we will check that there should be only one URL for a single page.
  8. Mobile SEO Like with desktop, the time it takes a mobile page to load is an important part of mobile search engine results page ranks.  Your mobile/responsive website must deliver and render the “above the fold” content in under one second.
  9. Robots.txt we will create a robots.txt file for your website which allows you to restrict the access of search engine crawlers to prevent them from accessing specific pages or directories.
  10. SiteMap.xml we will create a sitemap.xml file for your website that contains the list of your URLs that are available to index and allows the search engine to read your pages more intelligently.
  11. Google Analytics we will set up the Google Analytics account for your website. GOOGLE analytics lets you measure the visitor activity on your website. You should have at least one analytics tool installed on your website.
  12. Google Search Console we will set up the Google search console for your website. It will help you to monitor and maintain your site presence in Google search results.

Off Page Steps

Forum Posting Forum posting is another great way of getting authority backlinks for SEO and drive targeted traffic to your website or blog. The more threads and the comment you post the more traffic you will get for your contribution. You can repeat this strategy whenever you need more backlinks for ranking. Although most people tend to think of forum posting as a waste of time, the truth is that every comment you leave and any link you put there can bring additional customers.


Additionally, the more you have many people clicking on the link in your signature, the higher your chances to get better search engine rankings. Forum posting gives you the chance to spread your link as many times as you would like by answering questions or creating new posts.


Another misconception that many people have is that posting in forums that have a higher rank is better than posting on forums that have a lower rank. The truth is, this does not necessarily help you to better your rank. The only advantage of doing this is that posts in forums with higher rankings are indexed more frequently than those with a low ranking.


The main benefit of using forum posting for link building is that you can tag as many keywords as you want. Keyword tags will help internet users to find your posts with ease. Remember, most forums are updated on a regular basis, which is good for link-building efforts. Research shows that forums are a better option than blogs especially when it comes to getting backlinks and traffic.


For you to get more from this strategy, try writing helpful posts that provide other users with useful information. Do not just cut and paste information from articles because you end up being penalized by search engines for posting plagiarized content. Use your knowledge and type manually to answer the questions posted.


The first step to take when starting forum posting is to Google search for a forum that fits your niche. Identify the best forum to target and get started. Some forums require you to have a minimum number of posts before adding a link in your signature. Ensure that you have used a relevant post that makes the other users view you as a professional. It is also important to ensure that you create an appealing profile and provide relevant information about yourself. If you are required to post a minimum number of posts, do that and then add a link to your website and two or three links to your social media profile.


You can now start reading what others have to say and provide helpful information. If you provide a helpful solution, these users will trust you and start clicking on your signature link to visit your website.


(Smart) guest posting This is the number one link-building strategy that can help us to get authority backlinks within the shortest time possible. It is a great way to show off your expertise to a different audience and expand your reach as well as create authority backlinks to your own site. Use the following strategy for writing high-quality blog posts that are going to help in creating powerful backlinks. Don’t give up on this strategy just yet. When done right, you can still get fantastic, niche-relevant links from guest posting.


Linkbait/content creation (Infographics are some of the most powerful SEO tools in the social media world. Generally, graphics are a visual representation of data or information. This makes the information easy to share through the internet. Instead of writing a blog, post, or article that has a lot of percentages and stats you can use a simple information graphic that has all the details in one visually appealing image. In this way, you can express complex messages to readers in a simple way that enhances their comprehension.


Nowadays, most webmasters are using infographics for both link building and SEO. Adding images to the posts will not only make them more interesting and appealing to readers but help in ranking your site. Research shows that infographics are forty times more likely to be viewed and shared on social media sites compared to texts. They are also easy to add to the website and highlight the most important elements in complicated texts. Developing well-designed infographics that offer fresh information and appeal to the audience will help you in building quality backlinks within a very short time.


One great thing about using these infographics is that the links you get are from relevant websites.

However, it is imperative to ensure that you have high-quality infographics with a relevant topic. Choosing an engaging topic coupled with a visually appealing design will make the difference between a wasted investment and authority backlinks for SEO. Build-in brief, but useful and actionable steps.


Remember creating compelling graphics enables highly authoritative websites to use the embeddable HTML code to share their work with its reader.


Anchor text variation: This means having a high number of branded anchor text links, which is usually achieved via niche resources, relevant directories, press releases, etc.


But you will also need keyword-focused links. Be sure to try and make it so that you never use the same keyword-rich term more than once. Find variations and synonyms and use those.


Competitor Backlinks The first one is simply downloading all the backlinks of your current top 10 competitors, then replicating them to your own site.


Just go through them one at a time, and work out how you can get the same backlink for your site. I am downloading all backlinks sites of competitors in Xls & will provide you.


Wikipedia Backlinks Getting a backlink from Wikipedia is one of the best links you can get.

It is coming from one of the most authoritative sites on the planet and will also drive targeted traffic to your site. On top of that, it will help you earn even more backlinks as people use Wikipedia as a point of reference.


Blog Networks Building your own blog network is a great way to rank your site.

By definition, a link from a blog network is the best type of link you can get.  It is coming from an authoritative domain surrounded by relevant content in context.


While it does take time to build up a blog network, once you have it – you can use it to rank multiple sites with ease.


Local Business Listing Promoting local business citation and ensuring you maintain NAP consistency is still considered to be one of the most influential factors for local search rankings. Citations can also aid in driving referral traffic and lead generation.


So identify and claim existing citations, maintain NAP consistency of those identified, and look to develop further local citations where possible.


But remember, there are a lot of low-quality local directories and such like out there, so keep it credible and remember quality over quantity.


Don’t Forget About Internal Links The last thing I want to touch on as far as link building goes is to never forget about internal linking. Many SEOs assume off-site inbound links are what you need to succeed, but if you’re building links to pages of your site that do not link back to other important and relevant pages on your site, you’re missing out on additional link juice that could mean the difference between page three and page one.


Blog Commenting Commenting on a blog post to get authority backlinks for SEO is another great strategy for improving your website ranking. This can increase your Google ranking and more importantly get your site more exposure in your niche. It is possible to increase your blog leadership by simply commenting on others’ blogs. However, most people who own a blog routinely know that spammers hit them with spam content in a way to get clients from their blogs or just for malice.


First, we would like to give you some strategies that will help you avoid some common mistakes that can make your comments be deleted as spam. Remember, if your comments are deleted as spam, it will hurt your ranking in Google and won’t find new readers. Here is the way to go about it without looking spammy.


For example, let’s say you have come across a blog post, read it, and found it very helpful. Posting a comment such as “This is damn helpful, am glad I found it. I am going to bookmark it and let all my friends know about it”. Even if this is what you really feel about the post, do not write this in the blog comment. The reason is this is what spam looks like. When most spammers post a comment, they do not have time to go through the post and will mention nothing about the post.


When you want to post on someone’s blog, ensure that you mention something in the post. This shows that you paid attention to the information, and your comment will be approved.


Secondly, when filling out the form where you leave a comment, it usually asks you for your name, email address, and website URL. Ensure you put your real name. Putting a name such as “best internet marketing advice” will be marked as spam. Another trick here is to put your name and your keyword. For example, if your blog is about marketing advice you can put (Kimberly/ internet marketing advice). People like to know that they are reading comments written by real people.


Next, ensure that you do not put your website URL in the comment box. Although most people think that they will get traffic from posting their URL in the comment box, this is not true. If the owner of the blog see the URL link on the comment box, he/she is likely to delete it without reading it. Put your URL in the website URL and nowhere else. If the readers love what you have posted, they will click on the link and will be redirected to your website.


Video Marketing (Need Videos from your end) Did you know that video sites are fifty times more likely to rank on the first page of Google compared to text-based sites? Well, this is a fact. If you are missing this, it is the high time you reconsider your marketing efforts. Let’s share some of the things to help you get started on video marketing and get you creating professional quality videos in just minutes.


First, there is various video marketing, but this section will concentrate on getting videos created quickly to provide backlinks for your site. Video marketing can help you to get quality backlinks that get your site ranking well in search engines. The search engines typically like video backlinks as it makes your site look more like an authority site.


The main benefit of creating videos for backlinks is that your video can rank well in social media and other platforms very and help to drive traffic to your site. For you to increase your site ranking, you will need many backlinks, meaning that you do not have to create one video and think that is it.


One problem with creating videos is that most people view them as time-consuming. However, we are going to share an easy way that you can make a high-quality video in just a few seconds to impress your friends and build quality backlinks.


You just need to gather 6-7 images from your site or get any images as long as they are relevant to the video you want to create. Think of a couple of tag lines or text that you can use and then use a video application to merge the pictures with the text. You can then add a little sound, and you are good to go.

As social media optimization is the process of increasing the awareness of a product, brand or event by using a number of social media outlets and communities to generate viral publicity. We will increase your awareness through social media. As we have found that the given website Sorrogate360 has social media account on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We will create accounts on Google + and Pinterest also as they are also great ways to increase brand awareness, popularity, traffic, and visitor engagement.


Facebook To increase engagement and the number of likes on your Facebook fan page we include compelling content on posts. We will join relevant Facebook groups that have a high number of followers with the same interest and are relevant to your business. To engage people on your Facebook page we will post high-quality content with high-quality images on a regular basis.

  1. Generate as many inbound links to your Facebook fan page because they help in boosting your page rank.
  2. Using “Find us on Facebook” badges on your site is a great way to grow your inbound links. Fan Box widgets also include links to your page so using them is another good strategy.
  3. Use your status updates to post links to your website that can help build your link score. This in turn makes Google boost your page ranking due to its increasing popularity.
  4. Always keep the link-building process in moderation as to not make Google treat it as spam; our main goal should be to share quality content while also getting the attention of the search engines.
  5. Don’t forget to use your keywords in status updates to boost up your keywords ranking with the links.


Twitter Twitter is a fast-growing social network. Twitter usage statistics need to look great. We will enhance them even more by building connections with industry experts and exchanging expertise or content.

  1. Always be active and engage with your audience. I’m not going to say that being active on Twitter isn’t time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be as time-consuming as you think it is. Aim for scheduling the first 10 minutes and last 10 minutes of your day on updating your Twitter account, responding to other users, and sharing content that your followers will love – this doesn’t just have to be your content and it works better if it is not self-serving at all.
  2. Try building a real Twitter following the more genuine followers you have on Twitter the better it is for your product marketing.
  3. Start using Hashtags because Hashtags are a great way of giving your Tweets the ability to become more visible.
  4. Always tweet when your audience is active, so if you Tweet when your audience isn’t online you could end up wasting your time. Try and find the best time to Tweet.
  5. Try to craft your tweets carefully because Twitter has a shorter format that can craft minimal text which will still grab attention.
  6. Be patient because becoming a part of the Twitter community takes from a couple of months to a year. Once you start using Twitter promotion strategies, your followers will grow steadily and your web traffic will begin to increase.


Pinterest Pinterest is one of the best networks to drive traffic to your website,”. So firstly, we will create a Pinterest account with the business name “ ”. After that, we will create relevant boards, because and pin high-quality relevant HD images on them. We will optimize your boards, because not only do they tell users exactly what to expect, but also assist users in finding your content. We will also Optimize Pin Descriptions as Pin descriptions are often the reason users engage with your Pin and visit your website, so we keep this in mind each time we write one. We use Rich Pins like the place, product, and so on. To enhance engagement and followers we will use multiple images within a pin and Create Pins with text in them.

  1. Optimize your profile. Optimize your Pinterest profile by making sure that your business name is in your account name and writing a strong description of your business description along with searchable keywords.
  2. Verify your website. Verified Pinterest accounts have a better ranking in Pinterest search results.
  3. Installing Pin it buttons on your webpage helps you to gain pins and good pins help you to get better search results from Pinterest.
  4. Strong descriptions. Descriptions should be easy to read and filled with potential search-able keywords. Avoid sounding too spammy or unoriginal while on Pinterest.
  5. Checking Links. Make sure that your links don’t send potential customers to a 404 or on some non-existing webpage.
  6. Add more followers. Add your Pinterest account to other social platforms as well, therefore boosting its popularity.


Instagram As we all know, Instagram is a cool way to connect with your socially engaged consumers. To increase engagement and number of followers on Instagram we include relevant hashtags in posts. We will follow relevant people, communities with a high number of followers with the same interest and are relevant to your business.

  1. Generates content your customers like The first step to getting more followers on Instagram is to generate the right content. This might seem obvious, but we always see it getting neglected. Find out what your customers enjoy seeing on Instagram or what theme resonates with them, and populate your account with relevant images.
  2. Post Regularly We will post unique and attractive images with relevant hashtags in captions on a regular basis. We will add a geo-location tag to specify the location.
  3. Have a strong call to action in your Instagram biography Use the link in your bio to connect to a landing page that holds the same posts you put on Instagram, and allows you to collect leads, and promote your site.
  4. Use hashtags We will use the most relevant hashtags in your captions which will help your posts appear to people who may not already be following you, but are searching for photos related to your brand or industry.
  5. Have a Strong Call to Action with Each Photo Share an image with a call to action in both the caption and visual telling users to click the link. It will help you to reach more valuable users.
  6. Showcase Products and Services Put your products and services in context so your audience connects with them. Take photos and videos of key products, customer interactions, or other related actions.
  7. Follow Others We will follow users with the same interest. We will engage them by posting and messaging regarding your products and services. To increase followers on your business account we will like photos of the same interest or category and comment on them.
  8. Tag Your Instagram Username We will tag your username along with every photo you post, e.g. #username. This will enable any user interested in your pictures to easily find them with one single search and also eliminate the need of scrolling through all the pictures on a user’s profile.
  9. Like Your Follower’s Photos Acknowledge your customers’ awesomeness by liking their photos – particularly if they include your product, or emulate your brand.
  10. Comment on Followers’ Photos Engage with your consumers by commenting on cool product-related photos they post.
  11. Respond to Comments on All Your Posts If someone comments on your posts, respond to them. This is particularly true when the comment is a question or even something negative about your brand.

In SEO content is the king. It is the key to success in the SEO process. Content marketing consists of top-notch content, written for humans, and using the keywords that you are targeting.  We will use relevant content in blog posts, social media posts, pages of the site, and so on to increase user experience as well as engagement. Google likes fresh and unique content so we will use fresh and unique content for content marketing in blogs, articles, press releases, email marketing, etc. Fresh content gets rapidly indexed and registers higher in the SERPs than older low-value content. The best way to build links is by publishing killer content and letting the masses link back to it. This is the real way to continual SEO success. The only way to get a backlink is to have content worth linking to. Google algorithm Panda will nail you if you insist on stuffing your pages with keywords and over-optimizing.


After Google’s latest update, content is something that rates your website higher, it is the face of your website and the mediator between you and your target audience. For your website, we have planned on the following methods.

  1. Creating positive content Content using keywords that reflect positive and true information about your website. We will create unique web content to increase conversion.
  2. Blogs Blog is another element that can be very valuable. Not only does a blog give you a place where you can tell your side of things in some instances, but also give you a place to communicate directly to the public.
  3. Press Releases There is no better way to let people know about your business online by releasing informative press release reports on new developments. We share them on multiple websites which not only display them to the public but also help people know more about your website and what is new.


The Bottom Line Through the medium of this SEO proposal, we wish to bring forth the expertise of our SEO professionals and the several ways in which try to give your business website the right recognition. . We incorporate a lot of heavy details in our SEO for 100% customer satisfaction.